About us


Welcome to Kawach Cares!

Uplift Underprivileged Women from Local Villages and Equip Them with Valuable Skills

Kawach Cares is an initiative that was founded during the challenging times of the pandemic by Nilanjan Bajaj. Our mission is to uplift underprivileged women from local villages, provide them with employment opportunities, and equip them with valuable skills to create a lasting impact in their lives.

During the height of the pandemic, the availability and affordability of masks emerged as a significant concern. To address this pressing issue, we decided to take action. We reached out to underprivileged women in local villages and offered them the opportunity to join our workforce. Through comprehensive training programs, we taught them the art of creating high-quality masks.

By empowering these women, we not only tackled the shortage of masks but also played a crucial role in their economic well-being. Our initiative became a platform for them to earn a sustainable income and support their families during these trying times. Witnessing their growth and transformation has been truly rewarding.

As we continued our journey, we recognized the need to extend our impact beyond mask-making. Drawing from our experience and expertise, we have expanded our skill development programs to include the art of crafting shoe uppers. By imparting the necessary knowledge and training, we are empowering these women to create beautiful and durable shoe uppers that contribute to the footwear industry.

At Kawach Cares, we believe in the power of community and collaboration. We work tirelessly to ensure that our products reach those who need them the most. Through partnerships with organizations and individuals, we facilitate the distribution of masks and shoe uppers to underprivileged communities and villages, ensuring that everyone has access to essential protective gear and economic opportunities.

We are driven by a vision of a more equitable society, where every individual has the chance to thrive. With each mask and shoe upper we produce, we are creating a positive impact that extends far beyond the material itself. We are building a future where underprivileged women can break free from the cycle of poverty, gain financial independence, and unlock their full potential.

Join us in our mission to create lasting change. Together, we can build a more inclusive and resilient world, one mask and one shoe upper at a time.